Monday, 10 August 2020



One day i went to Brazil for a trip to get a break from new Zealand so i got my stuff and put it in the car then i set off to the airport once i got to the airport i got my stuff out of the car a went to go and wait we you are meant to wait.Later that day my plane go here so i got my stuff and went to go and put my stuff on the plane and we took up once we were in the sky i went to sleep because it was at night when i got on the plane soon later I at 3 am we were halfway there so i went back to sleep about 4 hours later our plane landed I so really happy that we were there so i got my stuff off the plane and i went to wait for my friends to come and get me from the airport soon the got there so I put my stuff in the car and we went to there house. Part 2


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Friday, 7 August 2020


I have been setting and waiting for way to long it’s time to get out and have so fun with the other he set off to go and fine the other smurfs but later that day one other smurf came to where they were going to met but the other smurfs went to go and have so fun with the other smurfs so he went to go and chek if he was where the other smurfs were.Soon he fine he when he was just about to walk into the part but he stopped him and talk with him to tell him that if he want’s to be with us then he gots to wait and lesion to what they are tall him about and do what they say.So they went for a little walk to talk to him about how to make friends and to not be mean to another so then once he new the steps he went into the part to go have fun with the others but then all the smurfs saw something in the big blue sky and a bigfoot came donw a bash all house got cracked and evrey went running they all hide and soon they bigfoot went away but some smurfs got killed but most of the people made it out aliveand so they were home but some people had no home but before they did but it got crashed so they let some people stay at there house for some days.

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Wednesday, 5 August 2020


One day I was sitting at home doing nothing so i want to go and see animals in belgium so I got all by stuff and put it in the car once i put it in the car i took off to the airpot once I got to the airpot i got my stuff out from the car and i went to go and wait for my flit to come. Soon later that day my plane came so i graped my stuff and got on the plane. When I got on the plane i put all my stuff up onto the bag holder then I went to go and sit donw at my seat. Then soon we were moving it was amazing when we were halfway there i fell asleep because it was about 3.00 am in the morning soon five hours later i woke up and we landed so i got all my stuff and got off the plane and went in a car to get to where i want to go soon i got to where i want to go and it was a bluegod i had a play with it then i went to my friends house to stay there for 3 days and the i went home

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Belgium Animlas

Monday, 3 August 2020

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Writing of Belgium

One day i got sitting at home and i was not doing anything so I was like i want to go to Belgium so i got all my stuff and put it into the car set off when i arrived i met up with some of my friends because they lived in Belgium but it was still night so I went to there house and got some sleep. The next day I went out to go and get some food so by friends took me out to go and eat and on the way to get some food we met some really nice to that were people that give things away anyways we got our nice food and sat donw to eat and it was nice after that I wanted to go and explore this place so they came with me to explore they showed me arourded the place and i liked it. So the day came so we got some dinner and took it home to eat. Once we all got home we sat donw and ate all together then we frinshed so we packed up and we slept. The next day I want to explore more because we did’t get to see all the stuff in Belgium so we got something to eat then we went to go and explore. We saw some really cool stuff and big one’s. Once we were done we just went to go and walk around the place. After I saw cool stuff it was time for me to go home. I am looking forward to going to mexico.

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