Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Relays with sipping ropes

In the morning the Block went outside to play a little game of relays and skipping. As we got outside all of the teams sat down and Mr Moran told us the rules to us.  The 3 teams were doing relays and skipping and the only one team went to skipping so my teams did relays at the start our team was coming first. Soon Mr Moran said whoever cheers the loudest is going to get one hundred pink. But we were unlucky and Hinayana got the one hundred. At the end we all cheered  the people who were the best team but in fact my team lost but we shall had so much exhilarating fun. Then we all went back to class.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Visual Mihi

I love my school because the teachers are cool and beautiful. My Mum is so cool and my mum is my favourite because she is cid to me so I love my mum. I love niue because I come from niue and I love niue I like to go for are riding with my dad and something we go for long rides.