Thursday, 28 June 2018

My strorey

Dippe saw a cupcake coming at him and one of them hit him in the head and the second one went flying at his face and the third one went at his t shirt. Then Dipper was extremely upset and his face turned red and smoke came out of his ears.He was going to get her back with a prank and it was going to be a good prank.

As Roger scored the try some of the other players went in to tackle him. He ran fast past them into the open space to get the avoid touching the flag, Roger curved his body to stay inside the try line.

As the fancy boy and the pretty girl ran back they fell backwards They were not happy but then they got up and still finished the dance.But they was going to still clapped at them and they were happy. (the audience started to clap`

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

The seven sisters

Once upon a time there seven sisters how lived in a vale and eve yeh the seven sisters make some kies and the fist sisters mask a cool brit green and the swing sisthe mask a orangutan kie and the fife sisters kiet was a yalaing cool kiet the next sister's craft a fake blue kite and the lase sisters was old a nafe to mask a kiet and she mads a cool rainbow kiet and the seven sisters went to the big hill in the vale so they went to the hill and when they got on the hill the wide was not blowing so the seven sisters sor a tree so the sisters tide the kies to the tree and they went to sleep and the lied wane woke up and the lied sithe was sading to kriy the seven sisters shade the crying so they all woke up and loot at the tree and the kites has gone into the sky the sisters were sad at is my stars shed the light wan and the kines was bit tar den the adre stres the end