Monday, 7 December 2020

Tell it in your own words


Once upon a time there lived a man and a son they lived in a world of gray. One day they wake up and got ready to go to work and school so the son got his bad and the dad got his stuff ready for work so they did’d off.On the way their they walk passed a man that was playing something they have got seen be for.When they walk passed they son walk back and went to watch him play it but they dad was late so he grabbed his son and took him to school when he got to school he was doing he work but he did don’t do what he was spost to do he was just drawing hoto’s and he had to do it again so he did it and made it work when the dad got to work he had to work for long because he job was to do writing on paper and it was a lot 6 hur later it was time to pick his son up so he frished work so when he pick his son up the son showed his dad the poto’s that he drawed for him but the dad was not happy so they walk home to eat some food for dinner after dinner the son went to bed.The next monrring they woke up and got ready again went to work but he coler was sarting to turn gray so they set off and went to school when the day dropped off his son he went to work and did the samething aganin and again and the son kept on drawing in school and he kept on getting improbable from the teacher and had to do the work again and again ever time he got in trouble his dad was not happy when they finshed he had to go and pick he son up from school and went home. The End

Auckland Elephants relocated


Friday, 4 December 2020

Pt England school art exhibition


Today we went around the school doing art and having a look at other people’s art.So first we went to room 9,10 we had a look around and they were good so we kept on going to the other class’s and they were little baby art they were amazing and good.but my favourite art was miss Tuia’s because it was so amazing and a Inspiration.