Thursday, 25 June 2020

Poster of ANZAC



Pacific Islanders in ww1

' One day I was just at home in Niue doing my work but when i heard someone knock on the door so i went to open it up for them once i opened it up I saw Amry people waiting for someone to be there leder so they could get trained and ready for war. So they asked me if i could be there leder because they kenw that i was a leder but not any leder was the best leder in the world because no one could beat me in a war i would never lose so i siad sure. So I showed them where I stranded my team of people and when they saw it they siad that this is amazing because they have not had one befor in their lifes. Later that I trained them up and they were bad but I keep trending them because i kenw that they could do it so I made is easy for them and than hrad for them once they got ustil is so I made it hrad and they did it so i siad that they were ready. The next day we set off to find our fight. It took 5 mmoths just to get there. Once we got there we made our spot to set up so we could be ready to fight. Later the day we saw them coming in hot so we shot the and we were running to get them so we could win but so of my people died because they saw us running to them but we still won the fight and we were happy but not happy because we lost some people once we won we went back to our country and were happy


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Thursday, 18 June 2020

Titanic crash

The Journey

One day Alex was acting for a movie but then suddenly he saw an iceberg because he was the captain of theTitanic so he had to quickly turn but he was way too late. Once they came closure they were too late to turn back because it was going way too fast and crashed everyone started was running because they were scared and everyone jumped into the water but it was bad because it fell right on to the people but luckily some people jumped on the other side of the titanic but some people lost their lovers. Only 705 people made it out a llive and there were 1,500 people on the boat and they lost 895 family members. But my some were lucky to survive there was a 97 year old person on the titanic and she got out alive from the crash they called people to help them get back to the land but it took hours until they got there because the titanic was 400 miles from land.

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Wednesday, 10 June 2020

About Black Caimans

Writing about baby calman

One day I was going for a walk but then i saw something in the water so i went to go and chek it out once i got closer i know that it was a black caiman so i called my friend Tyosn fast to tell him to get over here because i wanted to get it. Soon you got here i siad to him to run because to was running away so we run as fast as we could then we saw it going away so we had to give it something to eat so we could get it and made it stay right where it was so Tyosn went back to the car and went to go and get stuff to get it. When Tyson got back i took the neet from him and i went over to the other side to get it but then he saw me so he run away so Tyson and I run after him then he stopped because he was looking for something to eat and he saw the thing that he likes to eat so he went in to kill the fish. And he got the fish so he just stayed there then i siad to Tyson to get him fast befor he gose then Tyson got him and we went to go and put him in the back of the car on the way home we hit a bomp and something got out at the back so we stopped and went to go and look to see what was the movie mit. Then we got out and saw that the black caiman got out somehow so we went to go and run after him but he got away so we just went home to go and reast but then Tyson ran away because he did not want to do it again

What's the Time Mr Wolf

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Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Telling the time

Writing about King Cobras

One day i was going for a walk in south asia in the forist than a snake comes out but not any snake it was a King cobra i was looking for one my hole life and o found one so i try to get it but it keept trying to bite me and i grabed a strike and try to get hime again and i did but i needed to get something to put him in. Soon that day i called my friend to come and help me and i siad to them to get a box to get the cobra in when they got there they helped me get the cobra in the box then we got the cobra in we went to go and put it in the car then we went home. On the way home the snake got out and we keept looking back then we saw the snake get out so we stopped but we were too late the King cobra got away so we went back to look for it. So we got out and went to go and look for it then we saw three of them and they were really big so then we had to call somone that could get all three so we called my friend that knew how to get King cobras. Later that day he got here so we went back to get him and show him were they are when we showed him he was like they are small because he had gottin bigger cobras and they were 18 feet so once he had them he put them in a really good place to put them so they won't get away. After we got home we had a snake place to put him because we wanted to have one but he siad no because they can kill someone if you get to close so he had to take him to kill because if people see you with it then they will call people to come and kill him

King Cobra

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Friday, 5 June 2020

The day Vesuvius Erupted

Dear Diary, 
What an unforgettable day!  I was busy collecting water from the well, when the sun mysteriously disappeared from the sky.

I looked up and saw lava crashing Through the sky fast as it ran down the mountains and hit us at the same time the ground shook like an Earthquake.

So started two all run but we were too late when we were running one of the rocks fell right in front of us then we all got trapped in and there was no way to escape.

So we waited for it to stop but then when we were waiting some people got burnt and it was strong. 

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