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Niue art forms questions

 Niue Art Forms - Questions

Please read the article on Niue here before answering the questions.

1) What are the two popular weaving techniques?

a) Lalaga and Hiapo b) Lalaga and Tia

c) Lalaga and Carving d) Tia and Hiapo

2) What materials do Niueans use in New Zealand to weave?

a) Seaweed b) Branches

c) Harakeke d) Leaves

3) Who participates in weaving?

a) Mostly women and some men b) Just women

c) Just men c) Children

i) Describe some of the traditional materials used:


4) What is the name of the canoes that are carved in Niue?

a) Waka b) Vaka

c) Dinghies d) Boats

5) What New Zealand tree is used for carving?

a) Kauri b) Pohutukawa

c) Miro d)Tōtara

6) What does hiapo mean in Niuean?

a) Barkcloth or Tapa b) Mat or Tapa

c) Dress or Mat d) Barkcloth or Blanket

7) What are hihi beads? 

a) Little blue land snail shells b) Little yellow land snail shells

c) Little pink land snail shells d) Little green land snail shells

8) Describe why hihi are prized gifts:Because they are cool

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Niue history of art

 Niuean History- Questions

Please read the article on Niue here before answering the questions.

1) This week it is _____ language week.

a) Samoan b) TonganPacific migration routes

c) Fijian d) Niuean

2) What is Niue often referred to as?

a) The sun spot of Polynesia b) The Rock of Polynesia

c) The tiny island nation d) The heart of the Pacific

3) Who was the first European settler to sight Niue?

a) Captain James Cook b) Captain Jack Sparrow

c) Captain James Busby c) Captain Hook

i) When did he sight Niue?

→ 1830

4) What is the name of the Niuean bark cloth?

a) Hiapo b) Tapa Cloth

c) Print d) Patterns

5) Describe what a motif is:

→ Don’t know

6) Niueans were the first to introduce what to their hiapo?

a) Animals b) Names

c) People d) Flowers

7) How many attempts did Captain Cook make to land in Niue? 

a) Three b) Two

c) None d) One

i) Why do you think the people of Niue refused to let him set foot on shore?

→ Don’t know

Niue an art history


Thursday, 15 October 2020





1) What does the tukutuku panel present? → an artistic expression of Te Oro's visual identity 2) Who was the identity created by? a) Alt Group and Ngāti Pāoa b) Ngātio Pāoa and Glen Innes Group c) Alt Group d) Ngāti Pāoa 3) Who endorsed the identity of the Tukutuku panel? a) Ngāti Whatua and Ngātu Pāoa b) Ngāti Pāoa and Ngāti Tai Ki Tāmaki c) Ngāti Whatua and Ngāti Tai Ki Tāmaki d) Ngāti Tai Ki Tāmaki and Alt Group 4) How long did it take to create the Tukutuku panel? a) 2 years b) 1 month c) 4 months d) 2 months 5) What Marae were they based at? → Ruapotaka 6) Te Roopū Raranga o Tāmaki Makaurau is a collective of what? → artists 7) Who were the weavers involved in the project? → I don’t know 8) What visually reverberates optically through the pattern? a) Past and present b) Present and future c) Past and future d) Just the past

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1) What are the 4 main Māori art forms → Whakairo Kowhaiwhai Ta Moko Raranga 2) Which of these were not a typical material that Māori used for carving? a) Wood b) Bone c) Stone d) Flax 3) What is Pounamu a) Flax Leaves b) Kauri Wood c) Whale Bone d) Greenstone 4) Traditionally Ta Moko was done with a what? a) Tattoo needle b) Chisel 5) Where did women traditionally get tattooed? → Women were usually tattooed only on the lips and chin. 6) What was weaving used to create? → Weaving was used to create numerous things, including wall panels in meeting houses and other important buildings, as well as clothing and bags 7) Why did feather cloaks become more difficult to create? → I don,t no 8) Painting was mostly used for? a) Fake tattoos b) Tagging c) Decoration d) Portraits



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