Thursday, 30 July 2020


Maths task

The story of the lost boy

One day a boy named Lincoln went for a walk with his mum then he ran off into the city and got himself lost he was only 8. Sohe kenw that he was lost because he could not see where his mum was and he was saying to everyone to see if they have seen her mum anywhere so he kept asking people if they have seen his mum anywhere but he had not luke at all. Soon later that day someone came up to him and siad are you ok and also siad where's your mum but he did’t answer so then the man siad what is your mum’s name an the little boy siad adis and the man siad to him that a woman saw his mum and she was asking where you were so he took the little boy to his mum and they got but together. So the mum siad to her little boy to not got anywhere he had to stay with his mum and that day on he stayed with his mum.

Research Presentation task about France animals

France animals

Friday, 24 July 2020

Design Task

Maths task

Writing task

Ond day a boy named Lincoln went to Italy so he got all his stuff and the same as his family and went to go and put it into the car once they all put their stuff in the car we set off. Then we got there at the airport So we waited until our flight arrived. Later that day our flight arrived and got all our luggage and got on the plane and took off. 1 day later we got to italy and it looked amazing then we landed and did the same thing again that we did we got our Luggage and waited for our friends to come to pick us up then 3 minutes later they got there. First we went to go and get something to eat. We went to go and eat spaghetti bolognese so we went to go and sit donw and we ate it all up. It was really nice and the night came. It was time for us to go home with our friends to get some sleep.

Italy food

Italy Food

Thursday, 23 July 2020

Design Task

Maths Task

Missing Pet

One day I went out to see my wolf, the boy's smile broadened from ear to ear. He clapped his hands together and jumped up and donw with joy and he giggled and squealed with excitement. But then when he got outside his wolf was not there and he was really sad because he play’s with him all the time and give’s him food but he was gone and he was sad so he made posters to go and put it up to see if people know where his wolf is. So he set off on the footpath to hang up his posters on trees and went to see if people had seen his anywhere because he mit had went by hid there gate but all of them siad no so i went to the prak for a little bit but then later his wolf came out from the tree and went to her and he was happy. So he took his wolf home and went to get him some food to eat because he eats food in the morning.

Italy Animlas

4 Facts about Italy Animlas

Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Design task

Roman Gladiator

One day one man named Roman Gladiator he went to the Colosseum to go and have a look at it for a bit on the way he saw something because they were no one they because people are normally there so he went to go and cheek it out to see what was worry. Once he got closer he knew what was going worry someone said to not go because if they go then they will get killed so he went in and saw really people so he hide and went to go and see what they were saying once he got closer he could see and hear what they were saying. Then they saw him and ran to the weapons to get one so he was ready to fight he ran to them and bet them and said to every one that you can come back.


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