Tuesday, 9 February 2021



Last week we went for a bike ride. It was long but not that long so first we went to the basein when we got there i was so tried that we had to that a brake so i could get my energy back, when i was ready to go we kept on going until we got to the end of the basein next we passed KFC & BK to get up the mountain we had to walk the first bite but that we got back on and biked the rest of the way up once we got to the top we had a little brake so we could bike the rest of the way home than we went donw the side of the mountain so fast that we had to slow donw a bite because so people were walking up when we got to the bottom we were still going so fast so we just chilled and biked slowly home when we biked pass KFC & BK we through of stopping to get somethink to eat back we just kept on riding when we got to the top of this little hill we went donw it so fast that it got as home from just sitting back and rideing fast then we got home and put the bikes back and went to sit donw.

Thursday, 4 February 2021

What we did today


So today we did a challenge of who could make a tower the tallest and stand for about 5 seconds. Mrs Stone gave us a bag of tap string and Spaghetti straws. In my group was Kris Chaun and Lee so first we pulled out the straws string and tap than we tried to put the straws together and than put the tag around the straw to make it stand but it did’t work so we just made 4 legs then tried to sand it up so we could make it taller but it did’t work so we just left it

About me


Kai ora my name is Lincoln I am a year 7 at pt England school. This is my second to last year of school. I wish I could stay here but I can’t because we are get older. My teacher is Mrs Stone and room 4 is my home class. My favourite subject is to do maths I like to do because it fun