Thursday, 28 November 2019


Ambassador Application

This is my Ambassador Application.
Our Ambassador Application is about showing people around the school.

Being an ambassador is for people who are not shy to talk in front of visitors. I was shy but then I got an opportunity to present at the Manaiakalani Film Festival.

It also means that you never give up because you can become a champion. 

Wednesday, 23 October 2019

DIMC post 1

Today we had DIMC and we learnt that we could do basketball or volleyball rugby first but you did not have to do it in order you could do basketball then volleyball and then you could do rugby but I wanted to do basketball first

Monday, 21 October 2019

Dramabeans games

On Monday we play a cool game and the game that we played was Enemy and protector.So we had to Find a person for your protector and find a person for your enemy and you have to hide behind the person that is your protector.But when I text my two people that were my protector and enemy I went behind Roman and and Lucien came right behind me because car was his detector but she could not get in front of Roman cause Roman was in front of him.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

DIMC post 1

Today we learn that we can look at a lolly and then we can put it back and then there will be one more lolly in the bag but if you pick the blue lolly you can get a another blue lolly in the bag.

Rolling dice

Monday, 14 October 2019

life's a stage brainstorm

Today we did a brainstorm of drama and dramatic and the words that are blue that are the one's that the class yous

Thursday, 26 September 2019

Term 3 Animation Something in the water.

This is my Animation about something in the water.There are four zone in the water they are called the splash zone, inter tidal zone,  mid zone ,high zone and last is low zone.

Wednesday, 25 September 2019

The most dangerous writing

One day on 1992 a kid named Soften . One day she was walling down the hallway and then suddenly come out of on were a litre ding that flew in the house and she was screaming then the beard flew over to she.And she was   super screamed so she was running up  and down the hallway.Soon the beard was going to poop on her head.So Soften' went to her dad to get the beard off her but then the beard poop on her before she got to her dad .Then her dad' said we sued name the beard so they named the beard beautiful and he was cute Tyson.So her dad said if we are going to keep to beard we are going to get a cages.

 Today we did The most dangerous writing and we had 5 mins to  right as mach writing as we could.

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Cyber smart movie

Last Monday we did a Cyber smart movie and the people who were in it were me, Israel, Tyson and Gabriel.

Thursday, 19 September 2019

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Monday, 9 September 2019

The most dangerous

One day a man named Alex.One sunny day Alex went for a raid on his bick and then he came a cros a track. So he followed the track and the he saw a drop that went start down.So he got off his bick and he went to go and look at the drop.So he went next to the drop and he looked bown and he said hey.

                                      This is my work of the most dangerous writing and we had 5 mins

Thursday, 5 September 2019

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Monday, 19 August 2019

The most dangerous writing

One day a man and he,s name was Alex he love to go in he,s car because he love to go and drier because he thot that it was so cool soon when he was going for a ride he cracked into a pool.Then the people that were in there homes come ruining out

This is my work from the most dangerous writing and i made some mistake.

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

The most dangerous writing

One day a ant was on a rock and he,s name was jack and he was stuck because he was holding a stick and it was so heavy and it was getting heavy but he was so cols to drop

One day a man and he,s name was Alex and he went for a walk and on the way a wave was frozen and he got he,s pone out and he took a photo because

This is my work for the most dangerous writing.

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

5 minute challenge.

One day a cat was stack on a rock and he,s name was jack and he was scared but then he got help from a elephant. He,s name was Max saw jack so he tried to get he,s friend.

This is my work and it was a 5 minute challenge. I should have thought about the picture before I started writing.

This is the  picture. Here is the picture

Thursday, 1 August 2019

DIMC problem 2, Week 2

Today we worked in our DIMC groups to solve this problem. When you find a fraction of a number, the first thing you need to do is to divide the number by the denominator.

First we worked out that 105 divided by 7was 15.Most of us drew 7 circles, we counted in 10s 7 thims and then in 5s and that made 105, which left 15 in each group.

The next step is to take the number 15, and times it by the number which was 4.

The answer is 60.

60 mussels could be taken by the fisherman-4/7 of 105 is 60 mussels.

Monday, 22 July 2019

Something in the water

We are learning about sea creates that live in the ocean.

sharks are scared of  killer whale But one thing about killer whales is they have sharp teeth but sharks have the same but killer whales have sharper teeth then sharks.

Monday, 10 June 2019

Lincoln Instructional Writing - planning and writing doc.

~ Giving directions ~
Instructional Writing

WALT write simple, compound and complex sentences.

Step 1: Write down your four locations around the school which you have drawn for your animation.

Front of the school
The breeze
In the corridor
In the classroom

Step 2: On this photo, mark where these locations are.

Step 3: For each route from the front of the school, give instructions (using north, south, east, west, 0-360o, left, right, forward, backward) to explain how to get there.

From the front of the school to the breeze.

→From the front of the school to the breeze you need to turn 1d east and then go strach to get to the breeze but you need to talk 9 big steps to get they.

From the front of the school to cardoor

→ Then you need to talk 14 steps to get to the cardoor then turn 1d left to get to the cardoor.

From the front of the school to
→ Then when you get in the cardoor you need to talk 9 big steps to get to the cluss room.

Step 4: Share your writing on your blog along with the photo.

Friday, 24 May 2019

On friday 15th

On friday the 15th I went to the train station to test the Bullet Train. I went to test the train with my friends Suade and Israel. When Israel, Suade and I got on the train it was ready to go. It was time to go! We went so fast that we could not see anything at all. I was so dizzy afterwoods. On the train ride I was so sick, partly because of the chemicals I smelt, but also because it was going so fast. After when we got off the train I was filling sick.

Friday, 17 May 2019

Narrative writing

What can be seen?
A beautiful ocean, with lots of sand,flags,pretty waves,nice shiny sun,beautiful blue sky,a smart pig surfing
What can be heard?
Waves what are crashing on the shaw,wind whistling in your ears.
What can be smelt?
I can smell the ocean,sand,and,coconut trees.
What can be felt?
The waves,surfboard,and the wind.

Who are the characters in your story?
Jack Alex.
Where is your story set?
What problem is going to happen in your story?
The pig fell off the surfboard.
How are you going to solve the problem?
The pig is going to climb, back onto the surfboard.
You are going to write below.

Think about how you can:
  • Add detail to your ideas using interesting vocabulary.
  • Use directional language (in front of, behind, to the left of…) to make connections between your ideas.

Write here:Once upon a time there was a famly and there names were Alex,and Jack.The man was Alex and the pig was Jack.One day Alex and Jack went surfing that a beach but it was Call  sandy beach because it had los of sand,and it had some trees but they were coconut trees.When they got there they had to run to the beach because they had park really far but they got there so they went to go and surf.Soon they pot the pig on the surfboard and Alex pot a GoPro4 on Jack.Then they went surfing plus Alex had a Gopro3 on the front of the surfboard.Soon Jack fell off the surfboard so Jack swam to the surfboard but Jack could not get on the surfboard so Alex help him up to get on the surfboard but they still wanted to surf.But soon Alex,and,Jack saw a big wave coming towards Alex and Jack and when the big wave come towards Alex and jack when it was Hi Jack and Alex Jack started to slide down the surfboard and then a Another big wave came Racing towards them really fast and Jack fell off the urfboard again and then Alex had to help Jack up tickets go on to the board and they still wanted to surf then another way came but it was not a smell wave it was a really big wave and pig fell off again and again and Alex had to help Jack up back onto the surfboard and Alex and Jack went back to the ireland to go and have a break from surfing because they were tired but luckily they pack some lunch so they had some food.Then they went back to surfing and Alex said to Jack said to Jack we are going to go home soon because it was getting cold so they quick surf before they went home. But Alex said to Jack we had so much fun but then they was one more big wave but they didn’t surf the wave because it was getting to cold for them so they went back home and when they got they they had a drink,then Jack,and,Alex went to go and watch some TV but then Alex went to go and play some roblox,and,Jack went to go and,watch Alex play roblox,when it was 10 mins later Alex,and,Jack went to go to bed.The next day Jack,Alex went back to go and surf back at sandy beach and they had so mach fun but they left the surfboard at home so they sat on the sand and watched the other people surf.Soon Alex,and,Jack saw a big wave coming towards them so they jumped into the water because it was so hot at sandy beach then Alex,and,Jack went back home because it was goting so Boring watching other people surf because they're wanted to surf to but then one man come to them and said do you want a turn on my surfboard so Alex,and,said yes please and they said thx you are the man so Alex and Jack set off and went to go and surf some wave and some of them were so big that the wave come over Alex,and,Jack but luckily the big wave do not hit Alex because Alex was at the back of the surfboard but it hit the tip of the surfboard.When the wave hit the water Alex and Jack went so fast That's day went all the way to shore and Jack went fly fast and hi was going towards the sun and Jack landed on his nose but when Jack went to go back to the surfboard some of the people were laughing at jack because hi had some sand on his nose and hi do not want to watch the sound of his nose so hi was just going to surf but then they were going to go and give the surfboard back to the mam who gave them the board so they could show and then Alex and Jack went back home to go and rest.Soon Alex and Jack went to bed and that was the end of Alex and Jack going surfing at sandy beach the end.  

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

DMIC blog post1

This is my work we are going to add 650+650=1300

Describing a setting

Describing a setting

WALT add details and interesting vocabulary to support our ideas.
WALT use directional language in our writing.

What can be seen?
A Hidden Temple what is underground and what is covered with grass. I can see some rubbish in the inside.
What can be heard?
I can hear some really spooky ghost calling hello Lincoln.
What can be smelt?
I can smell poop coming from the door of doom.
What can be felt?
I can fell some rocks what are digging into my skin

You are going to write below.

Think about how you can:
  • Add detail to your ideas using interesting vocabulary.
  • Use directional language (in front of, behind, to the left of…) to make connections between your ideas.

Write here:One day I was wallking but then I saw a hidden temple so I went to go and check it out but they was a passcode. Ten mins later when I was finished then I went into the temple. When I was in I saw some old things what looked like it was from 1999.But I could see some green water but it is not just green water it is crystal water and I could see a big tree with a old rugged shoes by the big tree but it looked like it was not been tush but ween I was walking on the rocky ground it was hurting because it was digging into my skin and they was some rock what were missing and they were in the water. But then I saw a hidden door but when I got into the hidden Temple I did not see the hidden door because it was covered with grass all over the door but then I saw it at the last minute because I was going to go back home. Soon I went to go and check it out so when I was behind the door it was so dark I couldn't see anything in there so I got my torch out and I turn it on so I couldn see stuff what were from1999. But then I saw some traps and I can see some treasure and that was were the treasure was and that is were the trap is to.

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Tuesday, 2 April 2019


Today we did maths and we were learning about leap had 366 days. We did 2\6
and we did a chocolate bar and we had shaded in tow of the chocolate bar. Then we
plus the chocolate bar and that made 366 or we could do a circle and shaded in tow. 

The careful crocodile

Friday, 29 March 2019

Fabulous Folding

Today we have been working about fabulous folding and this is some of our work.

Friday, 15 February 2019



How can Mr Grays team stay healthy and fit. What I will do for next time as I would say mr Grays team had to stay healthy and fit.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019


Yesterday Tuesday the 12th of February we learned about Mr Green's team was eating to much sweets and they wanted to have proof from Mr Green.

These are our answers that Mr Green's team could.

Thursday, 7 February 2019

About me

Ki Ora my name is Lincoln I’m year 5, Miss West is my teacher and I am in room 10. My favourite sport is touch I like play touch with my friends.My favourite food is Sushi,Butter chicken and BK and I like to do my writing when it’s quiet with my friends and sometimes Me and my friends like to be helpful to each other.