Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Describing a setting

Describing a setting

WALT add details and interesting vocabulary to support our ideas.
WALT use directional language in our writing.

What can be seen?
A Hidden Temple what is underground and what is covered with grass. I can see some rubbish in the inside.
What can be heard?
I can hear some really spooky ghost calling hello Lincoln.
What can be smelt?
I can smell poop coming from the door of doom.
What can be felt?
I can fell some rocks what are digging into my skin

You are going to write below.

Think about how you can:
  • Add detail to your ideas using interesting vocabulary.
  • Use directional language (in front of, behind, to the left of…) to make connections between your ideas.

Write here:One day I was wallking but then I saw a hidden temple so I went to go and check it out but they was a passcode. Ten mins later when I was finished then I went into the temple. When I was in I saw some old things what looked like it was from 1999.But I could see some green water but it is not just green water it is crystal water and I could see a big tree with a old rugged shoes by the big tree but it looked like it was not been tush but ween I was walking on the rocky ground it was hurting because it was digging into my skin and they was some rock what were missing and they were in the water. But then I saw a hidden door but when I got into the hidden Temple I did not see the hidden door because it was covered with grass all over the door but then I saw it at the last minute because I was going to go back home. Soon I went to go and check it out so when I was behind the door it was so dark I couldn't see anything in there so I got my torch out and I turn it on so I couldn see stuff what were from1999. But then I saw some traps and I can see some treasure and that was were the treasure was and that is were the trap is to.

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