Monday, 26 July 2021



Maths task


This is my maths tasks thank you Lucian

School assemble

Today this is the start of Term 3. It's the first day back at school we went to our school assemble all the teachers had to stand up on the stage and do a little dace which was funny team five and four were the ones that I liked.


Team five were so funny when all the teams we to compete to win but liked the USA one because it was funny when they came on to the stage.

  Team four was funny because she said one more minute when a few hours wen t by she was still playing on the game when the clock tick 2 a clock she went to bed and then wack up at 7 the went but to bed and the when it was 8 she rushed to school and was late.  


Sunday, 18 July 2021

Doing Kicks

 Today more my friend from down to the fields we wanted to do some cakes before it Road so my friend came over to grab our Tees and grab the rugby balls after we did that we grab our bikes and went down once we got down we had to warm up before we got into some kicks once we warmed up I Talk the first kick and got it over the post then it was my friends turn he had a go at it and he got it over as well we kept on taking turn to see who would miss a kick first we were kicking from the twenty-two meter line it was a little bite hard but we still made them all until I miss the kick so I had to get down on the floor and do ten push-ups I told my friend that it was about to rain soon so we had a few more kick and then we left when we got halfway to our house’s it start to spit lucky we left when we did or else we would have been stuck in the rain we said later to each other because he had to go to dinner with his family and i had to go to the movie’s we watch Fast and Furious nine.

Long Bike Ride

A few days ago in the evening me, my friend and my dad went for a long bike ride to the basin,Mt Wellington mountain and then we went across the water to Half Moon Bay. First off we went along the waterfront of Dunkirk then we cut through an alleyway which talk us to panmure once we got to panmure we went down the huge hill to the by the basin once we got down there we went around it once and then headed off to the mountains not far from where we were it talk as a little while to get up the start of the bite because it was really steep so me and my friend guy walked up the hill but my dad just kept on going up the hill and left us behind but we caught up when he just got up top my dad said that we could have a break because we were so tired but shortly not long after we got up the hill we made our way down but we didn't go slow we went as fast as we could so it could be a lot faster I told them to put on there jumpers because it was going to be cold when we go down but they did’t listen so they got cold and I was so warm when we got off the mountain we headed back to panmure me and my friend almost crashed into a car because our breaks were not working but luckily we were just able to move out of the way after that we made our way to half moon bay we were bored so we played a game a tag on the bikes I tagged my friend but he could’t tag me so I let him tag me because I felt sad for him after the bike ride we went straight to sleep.