Thursday, 31 May 2018

The zoo

Last week we went on the bus to the zoo. At the zoo we got out of the bus and we live up to go into the zoo.

Next we walk around the zoo looking at the flag red panda it code hide in the tree and so time he wood blind into the wood and it was hide to find the flag red panda. Then we had morning tea and i had a samwise for morning tea after we had morning tea. Then we went to the bug lab and the bug lab had big anmos in the bug lab and dede was games the bug lab and the games with hade to dowe. Then we went back to the lunchtime places to have lunchtime. Next we went to the pack to play no the slide and we went no the loge grain at the end we got the base to get ready to go back to slooh. Then when we got dear my Mom took me to my home and some of the people had to go to class to wait until the bloke roing and it was so usime at the zoo they you for taking us to the zoo they you so so so so so mcke i love you so mcke i hope to go back to the zoo it was fane it was a god time at the zoo and we got 15 waves on the wahe to PT ENGLAND SCHOOL and my fear animal was the flag red panda bat it was so hard to see it because it wood hide up in the tree and so time it wood hade on the fall and i was bod at home and wne i got home i soall the too rabit and i

Play on my bike and i went to my case to go for a brckrid to the block to ride a rade it. Then we went back to my home to play on the games and my dad ashes to e was the zoo cool and i said it was so so so fun at the zoo and i said was your day Dad he is it was god the end.

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