Thursday, 10 May 2018


Two a days ago we played with some catapult we got 6 Popsicle stick and 4 Popsicle and we sellotape the to sides and then we the 2 Popsicle and sellotape 1 side we poled the lever back And it went flying up to the sky and I hid behind the plow and shot jermaine and jermaine and he shot me and got me in the head and we had a Compton and some of the boys and girls got to go into the are the side of the classroom the girls went first and the boy went 2nd and the girl that went 1st is sesilia and we had three boys that came 1st and there names are jermaine toa and aorn but toa lost and jermaine and aorn came 1st in the Compton.

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